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Yes, Interrail and Eurail Pass tickets can be used in all our trains and entitle you to a 100% discount. You must always make a reservation on our website or at one of our cash desks, we need your name and surname and the Interrail / Eurail ticket number, you must submit the Pass and your ID during the control of your tickets. The Interrail and Eurail tickets do not apply for our buses.

How to book your seat

  1. Fill in the destinations and date

  2. For tariff, choose Adult

  3. Turn on the Discount cards option above the Confirm button

  4. Click on the symbol of the discount card under the Adult tarif

  5. Choose the discount Interrail/Eurail

  6. This reduces the price to 0 €, but ensures the mandatory seat reservation. Then search for connections, choose the train, reserve the seat and book the ticket (for 0 €).

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