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Where you can buy your ticket?
Where you can buy your ticket?
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  1. On the Internet

    1. You can simply buy your ticket at

  2. At Leo Express ticket offices

    1. Our offices can be found in the stations Prague Main Station and Olomouc Main Station.

  3. At commission agents

    1. Do you need a ticket and there is no ticket office in your city? You can use the network of our commission agents.

  4. On the phone

    1. Just call 220 311 700 and our operators will guide you through the entire purchasing process. Please have your credit card number ready. The card must be activated for payment via the Internet.

  5. Payment via Twisto Pay / Skip Pay

    1. Twisto Pay / Skip Pay is an online payment service which you can buy tickets immediately with and pay for them after up to 14 days. You will have your tickets immediately after purchase so that you can use them immediately. After 14 days, you will pay online by card, bank transfer or cash.

  6. Combined payment

    1. Would you like to pay with leo credits but don't have enough of them? You can pay the remaining amount by credit card. Combined payment is only possible for registered users.

  7. On the train / on the bus

    1. If you do not manage to buy your ticket in advance, you can buy it directly on board our trains or buses.

    2. On commercial connections (marked LE), a surcharge of CZK 50 is paid for the ticket. The surcharge is payable when boarding at any boarding station.

    3. On regional connections (marked LET), a surcharge of CZK 40 is paid for the ticket in case passengers board the connection at the station where there is our ticket office.

    4. Holders of a ZTP or ZTP/P card do not pay a surcharge.

    5. There is no surcharge when purchasing a ticket on board buses.

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